Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

Can I see an example of your work to make sure it’s what I need?
Yes - simply email us a sample document to be checked (maximum length 800 words) and we will proofread / edit it for you completely free of charge! One reason for our making this offer is that we are very confident that you’ll be happy with the service; it also gives us the chance to provide an accurate quotation for your future requirements.

Surely it doesn’t really matter if my text is absolutely correct?
This is often true, but it’s all a question of context. If you’re rattling off an email to your friend, of course it doesn’t matter if you’ve spelt ‘cinema’ wrongly, or missed an apostrophe. However, if you’re applying for a job, submitting an important piece of college work, or writing the text for your company’s sales brochure, it’s much more important to get it right.

Why should I pay a proofreader when I can do it myself?
There are a couple of problems with doing your own proofreading. Firstly, because you’ve written the text in the first place, you know what you expect to see, and your brain will automatically ‘read’ what it expects to find, failing to spot any errors. Secondly, if you’ve made a mistake that you don’t know is wrong, no amount of checking by you will ever pick it up. You need an independent expert to assess your writing for you.

Can I see and approve the changes to my document?
Certainly. If you supply your manuscript in Microsoft Word (which is our preferred format), we will make the changes using the Reviewing / Track Changes feature. You can then see all the suggested changes and approve or reject them individually or collectively. If you use software other than Word, we will discuss in advance how the changes will be approved.

What file formats do you accept?
Microsoft Word has the best features for editing and proofreading, so we always recommend Word .doc or .docx format where possible.