Here’s how the process works if you submit your document in Microsoft Word format (our recommended format)


1. You submit your document (in .doc or .docx format), complete with errors.

2. We turn on Word’s ‘Track Changes’ feature, and make the necessary amendments to your text. The amendments are clearly visible, as in the example above.

3. We send the document back to you, with the amendments still visible, and you can choose to accept or reject the suggested amendments using the buttons in your Word
toolbar. You can either go through each change individually, or accept them all with one click. And don’t worry - if this all seems too technical, we also send a ‘final’ version of the document to you, in which all our corrections have already been accepted.

4. You now have a final, corrected document!

"You cannot imagine how much I appreciate your work and the modest price that you charge. I used get Bs before I found you, and I am now getting As - I could not do that without your help. I wish I had known about your service while doing undergraduate studies, but better late than never! I am so lucky to have found you." HM