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Rightwriting will look at the following aspects of your document:

Reference formats,
Light editing for flow, clarity and sense

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Proof reading for people and businesses

We have helped check, correct and refine documents for over 400 individuals and businesses.

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We have checked and amended over 2000 documents for business and individuals over the last 5 years.


”I’ve taken a look at what you did, it was a great job....thank you...I will most definitely use and spread the word about your services to my friends.” DR

Simple, straightforward pricing

Sample document, up to 800 words - FREE!

(We regret the free sample offer does not cover CVs or job applications.)

Standard proofreading rate - typically £0.80 per 100 words. Please be aware that although the vast majority of our customers qualify for the £0.80 rate or less, your individual price might be lower or higher than this typical rate, depending on urgency, complexity and number of words.

Students qualify for a 25% discount on the standard rate.

Cost is based on the number of words in the original uncorrected document, as calculated by the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word. Discounts available for large jobs or long-term contracts - please ask for a quotation!